I need to be able to centrally control all the steppers from a single control. No you can use one Arduino to control as many stepping motors as you like. Servo’s will need modification as I need to do continual rotation. With a large number of motors you will be faced with the problem of making connections to an Arduino. I figure steppers with hall-effect devices for a zero reference. So they would need to be each arduino type controllers.

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Cost is not an issue. So looking at the stepper motor link it looks like what I need is the A chip to control the motors. I do understand the technical issues and it comes down to a practical implementation that is possible, within budget and reliable.

This paper introduces how to realize the stepper motor control based on digital signal processor TMSF If I need to purchase an Steoper per stepper that’s fine but I’m more concerned with the work involved in the production and maintenance issues.

So it is difficult to detect the zero-crossing point accurately when the motor work at low speed. I’m not actually the artist trying to express the piece rather the technical assistant trying to find a way to implement it. MashOMatic on Sep 05, The control system is implemented from both hardware and software parts.

Xu, Bin Li, Q.

TomGeorge Design and Repair of industrial control systems. Servo’s will need steppef as I need to do continual rotation. Stpper guess I could do servos but I need to be able to accurately know where the motors are at any time. As the development of the Microprocessor technology, Power electronic technology, Motor manufacturing technology and modern control theory, Variable frequency system is used more and more widely.


Use port expanders to get the extra pins.

Application Research of Stepper Motor Control with TMSF

I would be more than happy for someone to point me in the direction of how this steppeg be achieved. It needs to not fail and I know the more components I have the more likely to have a failure.

Mechatronics Engineering, Computing and Information Technology. R Stepper Motor Basics. The motors will be doing separate things that the central controller will need to coordinate.

There is a limit to how many steps per second can be produced by an Arduino operating at 16 MHz – epsecially if it needs time to do other stuff as well.

The experimental results prove that this new frequency converter has simple structure, high control precision, higher voltage utilization ratio, better dynamic and static step;er.

Go back to the beginning Why stepper motors? A well-performed switched reluctance motor drive system was designed, and the diagram of the hardware on the basis of control system by TMSF chip was given.

Sorry must have missed your link to the stepper motor’s before, looking now. So it looks like it is possible and desirable to have a single Ardunio control all motors, not entirely convinced how to achieve this. Thus it can make the motor speed control system have higher performance. In order to improve voltage utilization ratio and dynamic performance of frequency converter, this paper presents a digital frequency converter design scheme based on digital signal processor TMSLFA and the theory of space vector pulse width modulation SVPWM technology, provides its detailed design measures of software and hardware and SVPWM algorithm realization methods.


I would still need to work out synchronisation but moving would be more simple. Does anyone have any idea how I might achieve this please? 254 I want to be able to say to the ztepper is “go to 43degrees”, “go to 23degrees” So what I really need is a controller on the stepper that doesn’t need me to to send PWM instructions but rather can be told what position the rotor needs to be in. Just do not think of using more than one Arduino it will cause you more trouble than it is worth.

I have some steppers on order ATM should get them soon.

Application Research of Stepper Motor Control with TMS320F2812

Everything runs on smoke, let the smoke out, it stops running Yu Gang Liu, Ming Su. The other constraint is the speed at which steps must be produced. Girth Automatic Welding System p.