If you are not making repeated calls to the driver, you can use this high-level Getting Started VI in the block diagram of your VI, which initializes and closes the instrument for you. Using the Operating tool, change the Function input and run the VI again to see other measurements. Fixed Laser Sources fabry Perot Getting Started With Agilent Vee Debugging feature for checking intermediate values in a VI. After your VI is complete, you can run it from the front panel to see the data plot to your chart You can complete this section in approximately 5 minutes.

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The Execute Lambda Scan Function Select your data acquisition hardware settings.

B Lightwave Multimeter | Keysight (formerly Agilent’s Electronic Measurement)

How To Measure Return Loss Click Store to save your configuration. How To Clean Connector Adapters Closing An Instrument Session You will also write a simple Virtual Instrument. Start display at page:. Timing a VI G.


The Error Queue Run Operating tool To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. Save this VI as Acquire Temperature. Laser Selection Numbers Firmware Upgrades” On The lanview Attenuator How To Clean Connector Interfaces Running A Stability Application Select the units and enter the range in the labviee boxes. How To Read Curve Values Gpib Interfacing In Agilent Vee It also outlines National Instruments commitment to your success and the additional resources available to you.

The Instrument Wizard opens an example program to communicate with your instrument. From the pop-up menu on the black tunnel, choose Enable Indexing.

Photonic | Keysight Community

Select Analog Input as the channel type to configure and click OK. Table 16 Error Handling Changes Figure 10 Welcome Screen Then you can generate a DAQ solution from the Solutions Gallery You can complete this activity in approximately 15 minutes.

Agilent b Firmware Upgrade Procedure If You Forget Your Password Stop the VI by clicking the Abort button. How To Remove Electrical Offsets Getting Started With Labview The DAQ Channel Wizard helps you configure analog and digital channels by name so you can use those names in your program.


LabVIEW will be used in later exercises and in the project part, as well in other courses later, so More information.

Analysing A Pact Measurement Gpib Error Strings