Would the same apply for the A cables, meaning you would need to order a good size quantity? Carlene I will double check that to make sure they are saved right. But today I saw a Googlemap loaded on a cellphone with normal internet action, and it worked just fine. I suggest you return your phone and get an A or some other geninue Quad-bander. I called Cingular and they said they cannot help with anything exept the settings.

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CECT P168 – Another Apple iPhone Clone

While the A is almost the exact same width as the USB connector. Not advised to do that. Its do-able, but very difficult to type with your fingers.

It looks almost exactly like the cect iphone but its screen is a little smaller but it has a 3. And what type of textfiles ipbone read the DZDEnglish?? It took me some time and with a little help form one of you here providing me the English version of the manual i was able to get the aapple switched to English. I could not get it to work, no service. Diane, on ones that are appke in copyright countries, I live in America so if there is the I-phone logo on it like some of the sellers sell, there is a copyright law and you will be forced to pay the fines or do the time!!


Is it still small and virtually unusable without the stylus?

PS I bought a set of Bluetooth headphones works fantastic. There is a software on the phone that does it for you, takes around 5 sec. October 30, 0.

So i have a few questions. This comment was obviously made by an Apple hater.

Their ad clear states that it operates on Outside and in my house and job building works great. Does it ophone the selecton in english saying english? Choose the gears… the next screen should give you 8 choices 1st is pen ipohne, second is phone setup, choose the second one.

It should give the smiley face then say done… Everything should then be in english? I told the factory rep that they need to make the adaptor but he says that they want you to buy their earphones.

CECT P – Another Apple iPhone Clone – IntoMobile

I am checking with the factory for any extra cables or chargers. I understand that… but. Hi, My correct email address is vfx maltanet. I fun a program, txt2dzd. Alright guys so I got my phone today and playing around with it.


Other than this on problem applw a great phone. My crappy razor gets reception at my house. I figured out how to transfer MP3s to my music folder but there is not enough room to allow them all to be ringtones.

Do anyone know the settings for sumcom? Thanks for the help to anyone!! Let me know how the reception is when you get the phone. Make sure its in the right sim slot. Hi guys i been reading and it seems everyone is enjoying the Cect but me…i can get the sim card to work. I just got my phone today and I can not for the life of me figure out how to put music on this phone. The A is better than the P because it has a bigger internal memory.

I will wait until I get paid Friday.