Sorry to those that might be following along. The same file was an raw. Neither does it seem to accept already created bluray folders: I am happy for you that you made the right choice. But then again, I don’t go burning dozens of discs–at least not yet.. Michelangelo – Maybe all that hardware is for making coleslaw?

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Buffalo Mediastation Bluray and HD DVD player, model BRHCU2 – VideoHelp Forum

I liked the pause feature. How to record anything on your screen using th I seem to always fair well with these types of brh-6316u2. I have a much better understanding of how things work though not thourghly.

Nero keeps bailing out because the video I give it has a problem. The same file was an raw. Nero 8 re-encodes your videos.

Buffalo BRHC-6316U2 User Manual

I too have gone the with 1TB HD storage with them being so cheap these days. I’m back with a mini-review Actualy, I’m back from a bit of headacke: Let me try this out right now. The video was nice and smooth, and the audio was great, though only stereo on my end.


Donatello – The Shredder? The CC looked like a scene from the Road Warrior. That’s a great price brhc-6316u22 a Blu-Ray burner. Personally, I have brhc6316u2 had any to boast complaints about. I’m in the same boat.

Sorry, but I focus on the audio last, and the majority of my testing almost always excludes audio, as these demonstrations proved. I doubt there are anyone who actualy rbhc-6316u2 tested with all Brands of discs, and on a regular bases. But, it was fairly simple to setup: Audio was not tested in this, so I don’t know how it might be effected in all this.

Hands on: Buffalo Blu-ray and HD DVD combo drive | TechRadar

But then again, I don’t go burning dozens burfalo discs–at least not yet. Michelangelo – Maybe all that hardware is for making coleslaw? I could even take a snap shot of the image though via print-screen due to disc is copyrighted, camera was grayed out and that is in RGB color space, but still excellent. I only needed one: In any case I would probably go with Provantage just in case I have to return it.


Just go and see what you might find. I am interested in only USB devices, for easy connection and portability purposes. I was able to play an heavily encoded high bitrate mp4 and the included nero software played it perfectly.

MediaStation External BluRay/HD-DVD Combo

I have a unit on order. Results 1 to 24 of I think their bluray app is Tmpgenc authoring works? There’s a blue light for when you are burning a bluray disc. It also seems to encode them to buffzlo strange mpgv mpeg-2 type videos. I did very vaguely mention this product in another topic on this board.

One was an mpeg-2 and the other was an h video. Yeah, I can’t believe you found the actual link, and to the actual drive.