Posted January 12, edited. To clarify, the chip in the converter is a 3. This said the unit I tested and shown above works flawlessly without needing these additions even though I can’t explain why! It seems that you either get 3. Sign up for a new account in our community. Note the chip is a 3. Now, thanks to the efforts of several individuals, far more powerful features are made available by bypassing the handcontroller and communicating directly with the mount’s stepper motor controller.

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To clarify, the chip in the converter is a 3. So is the Tx output to the mount just 3.

Serial port extension cables are wired straight through, that is pin 1 to pin 1, pin 2 to pin 2, etc. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Also, the only thumb screw on the EQDir RS connector snapped and I’m reliant on friction to stop the plug falling out.

If its edqirect fine for you then great – I do think however it would be good idea to provide folks with the details of how they might bump up the signal levels to replicate the functionality of the existing EQDirect designs even if they opt not to do it. This is not true for TTL levels. Will try on Windows 7 64 bit later.


Wqdirect “problem is that in lowering your max level down to 3. The mount motor controller should require a minimum “high” signal of 4V min. Thus, you will need one of our interface options shown in the selector guide below to complete the link.

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Also is it 5v TTL or 3. I don’t esdirect to start adding transistors or owt else to it once it arrives cos I don’t know what I’m doing- it needs to be a “dummies” version for some of us. The actual amount of voltage and current is not so important.

Posted January 11, edited.

Not all DB-9 cables are created equal. The USB serial converter has a small circuit inside: Thanks for your patience, and your patronage.

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Pins 5 and 4 are ground pins. Safe high levels of 5V TTL devices are usually around 2.

The 5V design replicates what the synscan does so we can be confident that we’re operating within the design spec of the mount interface. Edited January 12, by 12dstring. This said the unit I tested and shown above works flawlessly without needing these additions even though I can’t explain why! The PIC will most likely take anything over over 2V as being a “high” signal and anything lower than 0.


As a side note, the little PCBs are eqdireect for mods that need a serial interface such as webcam long exposure mods or DSLR shutter cables.

Register a new account. I’ve just ordered a few to have a play with.

While we’re on the question of pic usart, is it anything like avr usart where different clock speeds will give different error margins at different baud rates chris? Posted January 11, Edited January 11, by 12dstring. It’s no excuse for not posting more though Connect the two cables as follows: During this time we will be unable to ship orders, and will have no access to internet to answer emails, or provide technical support.


It is also possible that any garbage or invalid data sent to the mount could cause its firmware to generate mis-steps pulse sequences to the motors causing it to overheat. I was aiming for a neat all-USB approach for my setup. Dave, did you cut eqdirecy the converter or does it bolt together? Dave, thanks for the info.