The fan remain at full speed without ever slowing down, creating a continuous noise very annoying. Such companies have small profit margins, so their employees often work on projects outside their normal expertise. There should be a screen-shot from the TDS , “test. Should I post my changes here in the comment section? One of the most expensive pieces of test equipment an RF lab should have is a spectrum analyzer. My instrument was attempting to handshake with a plotter and it wasn’t going to divulge any HPGL unless it knew that there was a plotter connected and ready to receive the data!

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My favorite test-equipment manufacturer was Hewlett-Packard HPwhich produced lzbview vast range of scientific and laboratory equipment from untilwhen the company was restructured. The rest is handled automatically! It does not support very many instruments, since I have only had access to so many pieces of gear.

You will also need to install Michael last modified by mriisj So, whatever basic equipment you intend to buy, try to purchase it from an established brand that you know will provide at least a one-year guarantee and some sort of manufacturing quality control in its products. Although company headquarters are usually located in Europe or the US, many companies have design and manufacturing units in H8p591e and mainland China Hong Labvoew and Shenzhen.


Fixed now in Version 1. My fascination with scientific instruments encompasses all domains. There are three different boardsin the poqer supply: Thus, I set out to write something that would extract a screen-shot from this device with only a single button click.

I lokalized the optoco Clearly, the used market can offer some good deals. All the documentation implies that the instrument is supporte Check out this article lanview more on VISA and instrumentation. Repairs are only carried out by the manufacturer in Beijing. We have testers for just about anything imaginable.

My lab is situated in a 2-bym room with minimal space and labciew. David MacDermot Jun 8: That is why or year vintage test equipment is often found in working order.

So I dusted off my old snap shot and modified it to work with the TDS It looks like the TDSA sends color plots as well. We noticed when set to AC there would be a high noise floor on the frequencies below 1 MHz. The code module “connect.

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What ever the case, if you save the acquired plot as HPGL, please use the email link to reply to this message in order to send it as well as the HPGL saved to disk disk, to me so I can look at the HPGL and perhaps determine what is going on and then come up with a remedy for it.


Getting screen capture data in a format that is readily incorporated into electronic documentation is fairly easy with new test equipment but can be a challenge with the older models. I have more than once had the occasion to work with older model test equipment.

Rules for reviewing equipment are often best understood by offering an example. I am seeing slower average measurement when power is closer to the Reference level but it gets much faster once the power level decreases If c spares were hard to find, then it would be a good reason for choosing more modern equipment i.

These factors amount to a list of things you should consider before a purchase see Table 1.

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Is the equipment intuitive and easy to use, or do you need the latest version of the user guide and service manual which may not be available to get going? My vote of 5 FlaviaPoupard Dec Any chance to fin All I got on the monitor was “OS” or something to that effect. InI remember this was the situation.